COME CLOSER and MARIGOLD: a new work and an old work made new

Very happy to announce (a few weeks late!) my first new published work since 2018: MARIGOLD. Marigold is a haunted house story, and it's an audio original from Audible. Why is it an audio original? Well, sign up for my newsletter and find out, because I'm about to explain it all!

MARIGOLD is my first published work of horror since COME CLOSER in 2003--which, very happily, is being re-released in the UK from the estimable Faber & Faber tomorrow!

I'm really thrilled to see this new work come to life and to see this older work revived. Faber is always a joy to work with. and Audible has been pretty great as well (although I do have mixed feelings about adding to Bezos' coffers, the people I've worked with at audible have been lovely).

I feel very emotional and sentimental and sappy about the support I get from my wonderful readers. I'm a lucky woman. Thank you.

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