New Project

Hi beautiful people,

I am thinking about starting a podcast/newsletter where I will give writing advice every week-ish and answer questions about writing, work, and creativity from readers/listeners/fans/humans/however you define yourself.

I've realized over the past few years that as much joy as I get from my own creative projects (and that's a lot!), I get just about as much from helping other people with their projects. So I want to do more of it.

So if you like, you can go to the contact page and submit questions for me, and maybe I will answer them! And maybe not! But maybe yes! I won't use anyone's real names, so no worries there.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions that might seem strange or stupid or invasive or otherwise uncool. If I don't dig it I just won't answer it. No big deal. I'm far more likely to address the strange stuff, though, so don't hold back. When I do public events, and we get to q and a, I always encourage the audience to ask questions about anything at all, and sometimes that sparks some good discussions.


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