Reading in Griffith Park Oct 30 at 3

Also coming up: I have a pre-Halloween reading in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, one of the most interesting places in the world. Did you know it was established by Griffith Jay Griffith, who shot his wife in Santa Monica in a state of alcohol-induced psychosis? True story! Also, the single most famous and important person/cat/whatever in Los Angeles, P-22, lives there. Here are the details:

Join us in a (haunted? Let's call it haunted) train car at Griffith Park's famous Travel Town for a pre-Halloween reading with some of our favorite writers sharing stories both spooky and strange...
The reading will take place in a train car in Griffith Park's Travel Town. 
Sunday October 30th at 3. The address is 5200 Zoo Drive.


Lauren Candia

Natashia Deon

Sara Gran

Emma Kemp

Michelle Tea

Hosted by Anne-Marie Kinney and Sara Finnerty

Admission to the museum is FREE. Park in the parking lot and walk right in. Once you are down the staircase, directly in front of you you will see old train cars. Walk straight ahead towards the cars and we will be in the largest one. We will have a sign at the entrance of the train car.

I can't guarantee P-22's presence, but he has been invited and his people say it's a definite priority for him.

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