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  • misssaragran

How to talk to Sara

Updated: May 17

Here are the various ways in which you can talk to me and hear from me. Times are hard for a lot of us now and if I can do something for you, or you just want to talk, let me know.

You can send me a note here. I'm not always able to answer, but I always love hearing from readers. And if you want me to talk to your book club, class, etc, ask here.

I now have a Medium page where I publish essays, lists, and other items. medium.com/@misssaragran

I have an Instagram page (account? just "an instagram?" what?) where sometimes I have conversations and sometimes I just post pictures, mostly film, mostly of flowers and buildings. https://www.instagram.com/sara__gran/

I have a newsletter which is free & goes out every few months & usually contains either a little essay and/or some extra Claire DeWitt clues and/or (about twice a year) a short story.

At the bottom of this page is a chat function. It's rare that it reaches me when I'm at my desk and available to chat, but I've had a few fun conversations.